10 000

it is absolutley beyond my comprehension, but 'the man with the golden sickle' e-single which was released right at the end of december has now officially been downloaded ten thousand times. i'm just really not aware how these things happen and who is therefore listening - i wish it could be tracked! but this month's e-single which has been up for about 2 weeks already has nearly 3000 downloads. so it seems to be reasonably consistent when i get around to advertising it well!

i've been reading the march edition of wire, which is the most recent one locally, and there's some great quotes i need to write down. i'll do that later. but a question - it's obviously done on purpose, but why does arguably one of the best music magazines in the world have such poor art direction? is it reactionary? is it to avoid the ageing process (i.e. if there's no aesthetic then it's a timeless aesthetic)? can music and art not intertwine in a way that is good but not fashion driven? can we pull off something like that?

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