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i've been conversing with dave shooter over the last few days about the possibility of making a film for a telafonica track. this is a run down of his first 'brief' ideas (presented about a day after first hearing the track!). dave was a little concerned about publishing the spoilers, but i'm thinking the traffic through here probably isn't too intense and by the time it's all complete, everyone will have forgotten anyway. so, over to snowy....

Ok, I am way to addicted to Tape Noise. Love it.

I have a video clip idea for it that I'll run by you, probably inadequetly because in my head it looks wonderful. It came to me pretty quickly on one of the listens through. The core scenes seemed to just fit in as I was listening.

I was thinking about rewinding - history repeating itself - warnings in time - revelation. And then this story idea came...

If you can imagine it as animation, tracing over photographs / video with a stylised feel - a skectchy black and white, Rough Pencil scribble with outlines, with colour splashes. I guess the style and feel exists somewhere between, Gorillaz, Wall-E and Princess Monoke! (sheesh)

I also put the timecodes on so there is a vague idea of reading along with the music.


0.00 - 0.10
Zooming in through a 70's sci-fi ish looking mission control crew watching a small retro television.

0.11 - 0.13
Casette is inserted into retro-ish video machine. (on sound effect)

0.13 - 0.18
Text on screen describes that this is a recording of some sort of flight mission. ("Captains Log" ...hm, sounds corny, but will look rad.)

0.19 - 0.25
A ship is on screen. The main Control guy (in time with the sound effect) pushes fast forward. And the video fasts forward. The screen fills the frame. Fast forward again. We are following the ship through space.

A smaller ship leaves unlocks from the larger ship (Beat at 0.30) and heads towards the planet. It skims across the atmosphere. We see the ruins of this world, apocalptic looking but beautiful. Suddenly the ship has an accident and both pilots must eject. (around 0.50). Slow with lots of debri as the came out of their planes. Parchute opens (0.59 that pause in the beat)

We follow one of the the characters as he floats down into this strange world (1.00 when the mood kicks in), a ruin, with nature scattered through it and huge beautiful beasts moving slowly through it. His parachute gets stuck in a pylon and he is left sitting in his ejector chair hovering a metre above the ground. In front of him (if you are looking closely) the ruins form a strange stage, it would look like he was the only audience member in an empty theatre. (1.30) As he looks around and up at this beautiful, but desolate world he sees a figure, off in the distant. (1.30)

She wears a strange headress, somewhere between a gridiron helmet, an Native-American Headress and those huge Stone heads Masks (forget where they exist). She carries a baseball bat. and her poncho-like tattered shawl is covered with badges. Suddenly she lifts a small pink cassette player above her head and inserts the tape, (fitting with the sound effect (1.40) presses, record and begins to run aggressively towards the space man, just perfectly as the beat kicks back in. Her arms swing to the time of the music. She leaps (small pause at 1.50)

And then she dances (1.54). A mixture of break-dancing, an aboriginal corrobee, Krimping, and a street fighter game. Quite violent, emotional. She tells the story of revelation, a warning, the sun fell to earth, dust storms, falling debri, the loss...

The Spacemen watches intently (at first she was quite frightening), amazed. (2.27)

There was losses, someone close to her maybe, the dance motions a child. She reaches a pinnacle, like a whirlwind, And then she stops (2.35) and she is holding the tape, she is not angry but almost pleading. His eyes kind-of quivering, maybe he is crying, but whatever the case she sees he has understood (2.41) . She smiles. (2.47)

Suddenly the second pilot appears, (2.48) he shoots a blast from a raygun, her arm flings back, the tape rolls out, the tape, black inside unravels, we follow the string of black tape (all really really quickly) and it reconnects up to the tape in the hand of the main character back at mission control, the one initially watching the screen. Tape Noise it says on the label.


as well as the actual film clip, the plan will also be for him to produce a comic of sorts from the stills and include a cd with the music (and maybe the film clip itself?) with it.

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