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i've spoken with david via e-mail (sorry the conversation didn't happen on the blog - i changed a setting last week which meant that it was impossible to leave a comment, so after trying that way and not succeeding, it switched to e-mail) and everything is set to go for artwork etc. but this will mean we need to settle on a title in the next reasonably short while in order for david to have something to work with. i've been calling it love on the second stair and i still don't mind it, but it's becoming a bit like a pun which becomes less appealing the more you hear it (everyone's seen the simpsons' b-sharps episode, haven't they?). not quite that drastic, but still...

the original conversation can be found here. not sure if that's helpful, but it's definitely a starting point. options we haven't considered at all so far are titles that are not found in the lyrics (as both 'i saw this and thought of you' and 'morpheme' were).

feel free to make any suggestions david & celli - a suggestion from outside the music making might be good.

if we could maybe settle on something by the beginning of next week, then david can have something to work from.


Bec said...

i don't really get what you're saying about it being a pun??? am i stupid or something?

from titles suggested before, i don't mind "you press play". but that could be construed as a pun too i guess - both an instruction to the purchaser and a reference to the accusation many people direct at electronic music played live.

ajebec said...

i didn't mean that 'love on the second stair' was a pun, i said it was 'like a pun' - i.e. losing its lustre. however, i could still be talked into it - i seem to flip bacwards and forwards between liking it a lot and thinking it's just ok.

'the second stair' ?

'you press play' i could probably live with, too. haven't had much time to live with it yet.

Annelise Holwerda said...

If it means anything, 'You Press Play' is the one that stood out to me when I saw the ideas first suggested. I like the simplicity/solidity of its sound, which sort of unfolds into such a big visual imagery of music filling up the space just from the press of a button--it has a sort of movement to it, even more so with the significance from the lyrics.

I think you're right that the sort of self-aware thing (though it's interesting, I like the tangible idea of being made to play out the imperative...) could become old. 'Lustre' is a good way of putting it. I think that could be countered best if you deliberately had cover imagery that expanded the idea into something visual, deeper and attractive.

(P.S. You owe me two cents.)

ajebec said...

actually, aren't you supposed to pay us two cents?

Annelise Holwerda said...

Probably. We're all somewhat indebted to each other.

Sorry for being an immoderately frequent commenter, by the way... The responsibility lies with RSS feed :) Anyway. See you all tomorrow.