some promo pictures

i put a new promo photo up today (the full res version is down the right column). i've been working on a few different ideas over the last few weeks. i have planned to screen print these faces onto the actual collages i made, but i needed to get a promo photo together quickly for someone (i'll tell you all that story later) so i ended up photoshopping it onto scans of the collages (i also plan to do a whole set of the ones like the orange one of myself that you might have seen currently on our loungeroom wall, using these same images). anyway, here it is, let me know if there's anything you particularly don't like, i can always edit...

i also uploaded a thing i put together last year using some of miles' photos, but never ended up using it. thought i might as well stick it online, though, since the photos are quite great.

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