david - i'm thinking that the old telafonica.com site is pretty much redundant. should we update the forwarding? there's two options that i can think of - one is to switch the kindpermission.com/telafonica stuff across to my server, the other is to update the redirection for telafonica.com over to kindpermission.com/telafonica. either is fine with me - what would be best at your end? the third option, of course, is the old idea of telafonica.com being a random, abstract art site which doesn't actually do anything in terms of giving info to anybody, but works as an ethereal kind of visual presence. any thoughts?


bill dixon on music

"...The only audience that really counts is the audience that wants what the artist is producing. Musicians are like anyone else, they do what they do because, with the real ones, that is who they are, and as a consequence of that they gravitate towards like minds. I have met very few serious musicians who seriously wanted to devote their time to some listener's wish list of the Top Ten or the most 'in demand'. In order for the neophyte, uneducated, naive listener to get something out of something, he or she has to want to get that something, and has to bring something to that wanting. Said another way, when the student is ready, the master arrives."

Bill Dixon
The Wire
July 2008 edition


the other telefonica

i know they definitely don't need the publicity, and it's a direct rip-off of a daft punk clip, i couldn't resist...


someone had to post the 200th 'blog entry'.
i feel very. very privileged.

i learnt something new about my delay pedal today.
it is that i have been using the wrong tempo setting.. thats why my delay things weren't in time sometimes!
instead of using the three crotchets picture, i need to use the dotted semi-quavers.
how could i be so silly. (?)

you should all be very happy and relieved about this development in the relationship between my delay pedal and i. 



wanted by the fbi

i just got a message from emma swift at fbi asking us if we'd like to go into fbi next saturday morning to plug saturday night's gig on air. of course it took about 3.7 seconds to deliberate and decide to take the offer. so if anyone's keen to be at alexandria with me at 9:15 next saturday morning, let me know.

a.p.h.i.d.5 party


excelsior in memorium

not the clearest image, i know, but when the sound guy is impressed enough to take a photo, then i think that's a reasonable indication that you're going ok. thanks to brett for the image.

i really enjoyed the show - it was great to have another bunch of completely different people to play in front of and for them to respond so positively. i was actually quite surprised after we played at the number of people who spoke to me because they'd specifically come to see us, which was rather satisfying.

for the record, our set list ended up as:

one and one
send away
for the manifesto dub
blending the edges
this is the new thing
smells like rain
nothing ventured

the excelsior was very happy with the turnout etc, and have offered us thursday august 7 to organise another gig. we need to decide whether to take it or not, though my feeling at the moment is to take everything that's offered, especially if it's reputable like the excelsior is. it would probably mean just a 3some on stage though, as neither steve nor blake will be elligible. there would be artists as well, of course.

also, i've looked up the mum page and noticed they've listed our show on the 22nd of august. it's somewhat bizarre - the two acts they've put us on with are the e.l.f., who is playing with us at dirty shirlows next week, and the medicated - the electro-goths who got shafted at paddy maguires with us on good friday. bizarre in the sense that of all the acts they could have put us with, they've chosen ones that we've already crossed paths with.


the final waltz

i've reuploaded all the mixes for the album to archive.org. i'll e-mail the address to everyone. have a download/listen and make sure everything is ok. i've brought the vocals down where appropriate etc and generally cleared up most of any muddiness. i'm pretty happy with them.

we need a track listing so i'm happy to hear suggestions. and, if you think the music is done david, the artwork. i'm still not certain of the format, inspite of all our previous discussions we never settled on anything and i'm not really sure what i think we should have. i don't want to have anything too labour intensive, but i do want an element of the hand-made. i still like the zine idea and am happy to print everything up - b/w on coloured and white paper possibly - and collate/staple etc. what do you think at the moment?