Myrrh is Mine

Okay, the cover is well under way! Time to get your carols together Telafonicans! If you cannot record at home, book yourself into AJE's high tech studio!


track requests

any requests for our set on november 7th. it would be good if we could have a set list worked out before thursday's practice so that i can go through and make sure the tracks all work on the new computer. we have a 30 minute set to fill, and don't have any particular ├Žsthetic to fit into (like we did with the last show), so can do whatever we like, really.


october 20, 2010 - sister zephyr

we missed the 20th last month due to all the stuff happening with louise. which turned into subject matter for bec for this much, without wishing to be too prescriptive and confining the lyrics to one specific interpretation. musically, it sits somewhere between the twin peaks of underworld and lcd soundsystem. bec also pointed out a vague melodic rip from the flaming lips. there's still plenty of space for room to grow. band.

needless to say it sounds best when played immersively loud. with good bottom end.

Sister Zephyr

She has forgotten herself

This is the time to cry
When the darkness is at the window
When the breathing is slow
And the time hovers over your head

This is the time to cry
When your heart has slipped down to the floor
When the sleeping is over
And you know you can't stay in your bed

This is the time to weep
When the morning moves past you
When light cannot touch you
And the words that you hear don't make sense

This is the time to weep
When the darkness comes back through your door
When the striving is over
And you know you must sleep once again

She has forgotten herself

She holds His eyes and His heart
He still remembers her name


cover video clip

Cover from Samantha Lee on Vimeo.

created by samantha lee.

video videos

i've been thinking lots about video clips lately because i'd like to have some. sam has completed cover, which i'm greatly looking forward to seeing (we'll organise a premiere at our place with dinner etc). and the belafonte clip is about 3/4 done, just needs a few more drawings to fill out some blank spaces. i also have an idea for a clip for i can hear there's a peace in the dark, which i'm going to sort of steal from steve's horizon shift film - the idea is to film a sunset over the suburbs and then project it upside-down onto our nice suburban house and refilm it. i also found an old thing we did of marcella singing dust - the intention then was to redraw each frame by hand in lead pencil. from memory i did about 10seconds worth and then got subsumed by the enormity of the project. but i still have the edited footage that i was copying, so i'm going to throw some on 8mm scratch film over it or something and put it online somewhere soon.

in that slight vein (redrawing a filmed thing) i came across this the other day, which telafonicans should hopefully find interesting on both an ├Žsthetic/conceptual level and a subject matter level. it's a nice concept where anyone can contibute, so if you actually go to the website, you can watch multiple versions based on different copies different people have contributed. this is the 'director curated version'. the idea is that you go to the site, can be given a random frame which you redraw yourself (digitally, mostly) and then upload so that it joins the database of frames. www.thejohnnycashproject.com


new weird australia

in order to help promo the just like now show, we're going to go onto stu buchanan's new weird australia radio show on thursday the 4th of november. the show goes from 9-11, so it will be in there somewhere. we're going to talk about the gig to promo it and the new ep that markus is releasing on curt for us. we're also going to perform something live. being new weird australia, i was thinking maybe something a bit more freeform and improvised, and longer would be good. maybe the tail end of winter?

who's free and keen? are there any other suggestion of what we might do if tail end of winter is not an option?


Two Things

When is a band practice not a band practice? When Cherry, Blake and Ellie step into the breach and mind children while Adrian and Bec take Bec's mum to Emergency with a bout of Total Global Amnesia. No, Ladies and Gentlemen, never a dull moment at Telafoniland! So first of all I want to say a big thank you and I love you to C., B. and E. who showed us tremendous love and servanthood on Friday night!

Second, I want to announce that this year's long awaited Telafoni-Christmas CD is about to take shape. The title is going to be "Myrrh is Mine" - a phrase from "We Three Kings" which is going to be the song that AJE and I work on. I chose it because it tells a bigger picture about Christmas and I think it captures the difficult year that many of us have had and are still having.

SO, Ellie, Cherry, Blake, Steve, Dave, Celli and the Bells, it's time to whip out your offering for this year's effort! AND we still need to figure out when this year's Christmas party is going to happen - complete with sing-a-long around the old pianer!

Love to everyone! Looking forward to playing with you on Friday night. Let's hope our rescheduled rehearsal on Thursday will be perfect first go. :)


take two

so, now that the excitement has died down, when will we have a rescheduled rehearsal?!



from sam's blog again....

"Hello explorers, after much debate I’ve decided to upload an almost complete version of one of the scenes in Cover.
I think it’s finished.. we’ll see"