being filmed

sam and i spent this evening filming a sunset projected onto our house. which means there is just one more stage of filming needed for the video clip for i can hear there's a peace in the dark. but that stage requires us all to be present together at night. we're also thinking that ellie's house would be a good place to do it, as we need to project what we've already filmed onto a white house. sam is going to be away for two weeks from the end of next week and we need the video in time for the single release on the everything is chemical blog (which has already been pushed back) so we kind of need to get it done next week.

is there an evening early next week that we might all be free to go around and do it?


more more cover

sam's cover film has officially become university of nsw propaganda, featuring on the unswtv website...




i've been on a bit of a stereolab kick over the last few days. georgie from groovescooter once said we reminded her a lot of stereolab. i can see why. here's a great live recording....

p.s. blake - i enjoyed your noisemaking from across the stage this evening. not just the new toy, but lots of times there were really great shards of sound coming from over there. i'll leave it to bec to write up the official write up for the gig.


plastic people

i've been playing around with an idea for some photos - transplanting us onto tiny model figures (made for model train sets etc.). what do people think? (click on the image to see a larger size)