practise to play

so we have a gig at deja next saturday night. when is the best time for everyone to rehearse? i can do any night except tuesday. bec can't do wednesday and would prefer monday. everyone else?

also, seeing as it's cherry's last gig for a little while, i figured she could start the ball rolling on a set list. basically, each band has an hour slot, during which time they need to set up and allow time for the next band to setup. so i'd guess we'd probably get a 40-45 minute set in. so, cherry...


we all shine on

just because i loved it at the gig last night, here's the original of instant karma. the story behind this is that john wrote and recorded it over a weekend, including making the film clip, then had it sent off to be mastered and pressed and the 7" single was in the shops by the next weekend. this was, of course, john lennon at the end of the 60s - a guaranteed money earner - so the label would jump through any hoops for catchy new product. impressively, it has stood the test of time very well.


counterfeit - post-beatles

rum and coca-cola

this comes to my attention courtesy of my tasmanian friend fred showell (better known as one charles du cane). i couldn't resist posting it here. it's an entire website dedicated to the story of the song about telafonica's new favourite drink (that none of actually drink)...

the rum and coca-cola reader


some promo pictures

i put a new promo photo up today (the full res version is down the right column). i've been working on a few different ideas over the last few weeks. i have planned to screen print these faces onto the actual collages i made, but i needed to get a promo photo together quickly for someone (i'll tell you all that story later) so i ended up photoshopping it onto scans of the collages (i also plan to do a whole set of the ones like the orange one of myself that you might have seen currently on our loungeroom wall, using these same images). anyway, here it is, let me know if there's anything you particularly don't like, i can always edit...

i also uploaded a thing i put together last year using some of miles' photos, but never ended up using it. thought i might as well stick it online, though, since the photos are quite great.



leyne, who organised the ween keen night, has been running a similar (though slightly smaller scale) version for the last couple of years called counterfeit, which has a different band/theme each time. the next one is on friday, may 20. it's a post-beatles one - beatles solo, wings, plastic ono band, travelling wilburys etc etc. would anyone be interested in doing something? i would.


crackling black

over the last few weeks i've (as has bec) become a bit obsessive with our collection of vinyl records, actively putting them into action again. i've never stopped buying vinyl records, but i've never been a huge purchaser of them (compared to my intake of cds) but i've been developing a renewed soft spot for them recently. anyway, i had an idea to blend some newer 12" releases i've bought with some really old records and some in between ones, so this mix has grown out of that idea. all of the tracks are taken from vinyl versions in our collection, a fair portion of which have never been released on cd or digitally. some are tracks released and bought this year, some are from the 70s and bought this year, others are somewhere in between and purchased somewhere in between. there's a copy of kraftwerk's radioactivity which dave bought me when his family spent a year living in france, some classic late 80s/early 90s dance tracks, though i've headed for the more obscure remix versions, through to brand new releases from my new favourite label, 100% silk. and, as a feature bonus, the very first track you hear is actually from an early 80s christian aerobics record - courtesy of bec's mysterious past and possibly the strangest thing we have in our collection. of course it fits in perfectly here.

1. intro - michael & stormie omartian
2. say no go (new keys instrumental) - de la soul
3. the trip - s'express
4. queens - ital
5. invasion of the estate agents - beats international
6. come together (the hypnotone brain machine mix) - primal scream
7. blessed - wet hair
8. radioactivity - kraftwerk
9. towel - cuticle
10. disko bliss - maria minerva
11. i feel love - donna summer
12. power of love (turn up the radio mix) - deee-lite

51:06 minutes / 192kbps mp3 / 94.4mb (download here)

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