need you tonight

Video clip for Telafonica's cover version of the INXS song, 'Need You Tonight'.

Track originally released for Everything Is Chemical's virtual 7" series - http://eicvirtual7inch.bandcamp.com/album/everythingischemical-virtual-7-no-5-telafonica

Glitch footage by Stephen Fox - http://www.thisisnotmybrain.blogspot.com/

INXS original video by Richard Lowenstein


saturday night organisation + january gig

for saturday evening, we need to work out our clothes. the second set will most likely involve more projections directly on us, so we need to have predominantly white for that (yes, blake, black slacks are fine). but what shall we do for the earlier set? pick a dominant colour?

the visuals guy will be to the side of the stage area, where people can see him. he basically creates abstract imagery by feeding sound into his machines and turning it into colours, shapes etc. he also does the opposite, turning imagery into sound so, for the second set, his audio will be mixed in with ours, while the cameras filming us will also be fed into his machines. so there may be times in that middle section where we can even let him take over. again, his sounds are basically abstract noise. feel free to use any of the little acoustic things (percussion, bells etc) to make any noises at all you like, and also feel free to interact with tanya as she dances - playing along to her as she plays along to us etc etc.

lastly, lindsay and elle of actual russian brides are in the middle of a thursday night residency called thursday switch at a venue in darlinghurst. we can choose any thursday night to play during january. let me know if there are any anyone can't do and i'll use that to deduce which one to ask for. bec - did you want to try for one while esther and alex are around?


everything popular is wrong

i've read this article before, but andy rantzen posted a link to it on facebook today and i read it again. i think it's a really great article about the state of music, for folk like us, at this point in history. it focuses on electronic music, but i think it's exactly the same in every genre. click on the photo and it will take you to the article.


telafonichristmas party mach II

Alrighty then. Due To Ellie and Ben's social life :) we are moving our paella/gingerbread/carols-'round-the-keys to Thursday December 15. Blake, Ellie, Ben, Cherry, Sam, Jos, Steve, Emma, Celli and Dave - you are all invited! Hope we can see at least all the down unders to laugh and to feast!

TelafoniChristmas Party Yippee Woohoo!

Hey there all you hep Telafonicats! Haven't we all changed and grown since last year's festive celebrations! It's about time to convene once more for the annual Paella consumption, Gingerbread house destruction, and the all-in carolfest around the ol' piano. There will be some new faces I think and some old ones will be absent but all Telafonihearts will come home to the little blue house for Christmas. The only question is will it be Saturday December 3 or Saturday December 10? What do you all think?


set list suggestions

some starting suggestions for our set on friday. being a clan analogue thing, i've tended toward the electronic end of our spectrum. we also need tracks that can be done as a 3-piece. blake and bec, any more suggestions?

sister zephyr
even paper has a memory (the newish thing i showed you both last night)
the tail end of winter
i can hear there's a peace in the dark (not sure how this would go without ellie - can you sing ellie's bits, bec?)
blending the edges