i'm reading a book. blake came in with a chorus. we noodled around for a bit, blake threw together some more chords for a second section. adrian dredged up some old rhythm loops, added some old lyrics for the second section, bec created some melodika riffage and ellie vamped on the organ. an hour and a half later and the bones of a new song rolled out.


lullaby. words and music by adrian. this song actually appeared on the first ever telafonica demo, many many years ago, as a solo voice with acoustic guitar backing song. thinking it might make a nice bookend with the other track we started working on tonight (hush, hush my father), we began to create some vocal arrangements for it as well.


words by bec
music by adrian and bec

an old 20th Project (www.cabinetpin.com/20th) song written by bec and adrian. having never been developed past that first demo, we thought we'd give it a go now. a possible closing track for the new album. here, we work on vocal harmonies.


6.2.14 from Telafonica on Vimeo.

'home song', an old song of ellie's that's never been quite developed. there's some nice bottom end going on that you won't hear on your laptop speakers, so plug into a decent system. and watch out for pesky mosquitos.


30.12.13c from Telafonica on Vimeo.

a fairly different type of track. this one has been hanging around adrian's head for a long long time. it might finally get developed to completion. needs some chorus lyrics.