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the neubau site is incredible. there was a feature on the company in the last idn magazine so i had seen some of the work before, but not the site. needless to say i am excited about the upcoming remember/revolver release. don't you want to just publish books, make magazines etc as well as everything else there is to do?!!

no-one belongs here... i laughed out loud going through that site, then bec sat down and looked through it and laughed - serves it's purpose incredibly well. it's a fairly narrow purpose, of course, so i'm not sure what we could appropriate from it, but it is a great, original site.

the myspace one - yeah... i sent a friend request but didn't get overly excited about the music. maybe i would have 6 months ago, but you can just hear the shelf-life of this stuff winding down. and unless you're one of the originators with something unique to contribute (say, presets, lcd soundsystem etc) what is the point really? it's the indi equivalent of australian idol.

did you have anything from those sites you saw as possibilities for ways forward aesthetically?

can we start to get near settling on a title for this album? i think i really need it.

i've done some work on gem over the last little while and think it's starting to kick into shape. i think the song/vocal structure could do with some editing to lift the dynamic, but it's getting much closer. i've also compiled a new collection of works in progress to see how it's sounding as an album. it's feeling fairly good, i think, and there are very strong links between tracks. i've got 12 tracks on the latest version:

tape noise
this is the new thing
the sun sets on the age of the instrumentalist
requited love
blending the edges
send away
hearing but never understanding
item number
smells like rain
listening in for static

'hearing but never understanding' is really sticking out as the odd one out at the moment, and i've tried it alongside a few different things. i've also still got reservations about 'item number' as a track on this album, though i like it extremely as a piece of music. i'm hoping maybe the 'berlin' thing may fall in more organically. i also think 11 tracks and just on 50 minutes is the way to go - the above 12 tracks clocks in at about 56 and feels just a tiny bit too long. i shall bring a copy of that disc next time i see you. are you free next monday evening - i wouldn't mind maybe coming in and having another sit down to listen through everything and redo our to do list and get it moving again. i feel everything we discussed a couple of months ago has been done and it's time to refine again.

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