A visual essay

I've posted my work from today here. It's basically a sketch of something I'd like to try. I really like the way the image scales with the browser window - it adds a nice element of user control over how the image actually looks. My original idea was that the animated elements would only feature while images are loading, but I quite like the way the flickering colour works with the static images. I could set something like this up so it's easy to update the images... it could work nicely as an ongoing visual diary. thoughts?

I'm okay with the whole publicising of the blog, but maybe not immediately - I'll get back to you on that one!

The flickr account is a great idea - it's something I too have been thinking of. In fact I set up an account today.

I think there is some definite possibility amongst those titles and some I would rule out (the bottom two i don't really like - too 'bra boys' and I don't think the album really is a collection of 3 min laptop solos... maybe it's ironic, but i dunno). Misformed haikku is too wanky. I like the concept behind it, so perhaps we could explore a different sentence. Still quite fond of 'Saw this and thought of you'...

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