chicken dance

yes - that's much better, david.

what do you mean, 'teacher tone'?? i only have one tone!

sorry - yep - i like the new version. having those shapes move around as an overlay almost feels like the viewer gets to 'remix' the site in real time, doing their own photoshopping. i really like the image of all our feet. when can i get a cd of all those photos i don't have?! i like the pattern that's currently there, but also like the idea of that changing regularly, but always fitting in to whatever the aesthetic of the whole thing is?

is there an aesthetic for it in your mind at the moment that will grow into other areas? obviously there is the rephotographed photo thing happening - is that something you imagine developing?

i have to say, i'm not really sure about the technicalities of the various blog formats. i am more than willing to learn, but i think at this stage you've got the headstart and i'm very happy to let you make the choice (as long as it doesn't take 3 months :p).
i feel like things have started and are at a point where they can start heading out into the world.

head over here and have a look at the download figure. archive.org has updated their system so that now anytime the tracks are played via any link anywhere on the web it is recorded - before it only recorded direct downloads from that specific page. so the numbers have skyrocketed in the last week for the most recent releases - i'm guessing because there's probably links to them that are still active on different blogs around the net. older releases haven't seen the figures skyrocket. a bizarre place this internet - you could never dream of those kinds of figures in an actual release - even in terms of just listens. imagine if we sold 100 copies of a cd - each person would have to listen to it 16 times just to get up there - which i seriously doubt would happen in the 5 months it's been up.

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