Listening in for plastic

I will have a play with virb. I noticed that we can pipe in (note the Zissou reference) external blogs and Flickr streams. I kind of like the idea of being an anti myspace evangelical leader!

I love the idea of a book or zine expanding the scope of visual output attached to the album. I’m 100% behind that concept.

Combining digital and hand printed / drawn / painted stuff is something I’ve been very interested in for a while now. This is kind of the idea I had in my head when I suggested printing all the text on the case and then hand making images. I will try to collate some stuff we can print out and experiment with. My friend was telling me about some stuff he’s done using those inkjet t-shirt image transfers – but sticking on other surfaces like paper, wood etc. I think this could work really well.

I think it would be interesting to apply for a grant for telafonica – though I wonder what filter it would place on the way people interpret whatever we do. What kind of thing have you got in mind?

Update on new site and blog re-design:

I’ve been talking to the boys at work about different options for customising the blog. I quite like the idea of creating a second column for smaller link posts – where you may not have anything to say, just want to point out a site. This happens to me a lot. Also – I got some advice on how to make the site work so that the images scale with the browser, but the menu / other content stays at a fixed size. I think this will be a lot nicer for the text content. I’ve been slightly slowed down this week because I have a freelance project I need to finish – but hoping to have things live V. soon.

I will try to get a whole bunch of telafonica images up on flickr.

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