love, hate, good and evil... which is which?

I’ve been thinking about the new website. And I really like the idea of structuring it more closely to the album. So under the overall framework – ‘I saw this and thought of you’ – a series of graphics and text linked to the songs on the album. Using lyrics etc. We could still include other photos of gigs etc. I’d like to design this also with the album artwork in mind – so the experience of listening, holding and looking is tightly linked. I’m not suggesting throwing out the current sketches – that’s still a structure and aesthetic i’m keen on. If you like this idea – could you send through the current lyrics you have – so I can start putting together some design sketches.

Also – I need to talk to you about possible construction of the TMN package so I can develop a more functional design sketch.

Ps – I hate having a day job

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