i've been playing around with putting content onto this site - what do you think of it. it's fairly basic in terms of its aesthetic, i'm happy for you to play with it. but that kind of stuff should free up telafonica.com so it can be art rather than information. i'm thinking this kind of content can also go on the virb site, and possibly the myspace site, so that however anybody stumbles across us, they can find out stuff.

also, i seriously need you to dig me out of the html hole that i've created on the telafonica.com site as well as the 4-4-2 music site. neither of them functions in internet explorer. which would be fine, because i hate explorer, but 95% of the world or something uses it by default instead of firefox. both sites work fine on firefox, but both resort to strange link names, or links back to my computer (which therefore obviously don't work) when run on explorer. what's the best way to go about fixing them up?

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