I kind of just feel like writing on the blog without too much to say, Aj what are you thinking for the artwork? Make? Print? Combo?

I'd like to refilm the super 8 of my brother's wedding if that's ok with you, thanks for lunch last week, it was sweet to come over and hang with the girls.

What sort of set are you thinking for Sept 8? I haven't worked on gem, if you are sending a cd can you add that to it? my shuffle has stopped working so I haven't been able to get the file off it.

I'd like to listen to all the vocals we've recorded so far to hear if the songs are consistent with each other, I think I'd like to relisten to Send Away and maybe do some last minute tweaking. Have you thought/recorded any more 'natural/organic' sounds to integrate into the album? I keep thinking about flapping wings, not sure why.


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