it's ok, i'm wearing my muscle suit

yeah, i understand what you mean in terms of solidness. i think it could just be a matter of paper selection, though, to make it more solid. i really like the format as it allows a lot of space for content, yet is simple to manufacture, fits in with the size of regular cd packaging and contains absolutely no plastic. i also remember many years ago, a discussion we had where you said you liked custom packaging but normally got annoyed with it because it was a pain to get the cd in and out. this format overcomes that completely as well because you can get the cd in and out without actually having to open the package. i just like it because it works on so many levels. so my recommendation would be that we thicken up the paper for the album to make it more solid. once it's folded up it's actually 8 layers thick. the ep has quite thin paper but the whole thing is relatively substantial, thicker paper would make it quite solid, i think. i've also tweaked the sizes a touch just so it's not quite such a tight fit as the ep ones are (which is not too much of a problem for thin paper, but could be for thicker).

i quite like the strength of the kick in send away, but because we are compressing and limiting stuff live, when it comes in the volume of everything else drops a touch. so, yes, we probably just need to pull the volume back slightly on the kick and it should fix the problem.

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david said...

well lets do some tests and see how it goes! I just want it to feel substantial.