oblivion with bells

how does underworld continually manage to blow everything else right out of the water?

needless to say, i've pre-ordered my copy.


david said...

are you talking about just to the artwork here? What i like about it is that it's distinctly underworld yet still feels new.

ajebec said...

yeah, the artwork. it's like they somehow manage to work out what it is that everyone else is trying to do at this point in time and do it exactly how it should be done. i don't quite know how to describe it other than that. if you look at the website, there's a bunch more imagery from it as well.

and radiohead also have a new album coming out. i got an e-mail yesteray to pre-order it. there's a physical release which includes doule vinyl, cd and dvd plus book, posters etc and the digital download beforehand, but it's 40pounds and i'm not sure that $100 is worth it for the same bunch of new songs in 3 different formats. good artwork is always tempting though. it's also available as a digital download only, but i just can't embrace that yet when there's significant cost involved.