Overall, I enjoyed the sound of the music. The vocals to me – whilst perhaps not the tightest or polished – still had an enjoyable quality… rough and tumble perhaps. Songs like This is the New Thing, Heartland and Listening in for Static all require a fair bit of energy to sing and I think this raises the tone to more of a band show, which is fun... I guess some more practicing would help with tightness tho!

For me – having interaction in the mix of the sound is so much more dynamic and enjoyable. I don’t know if this translates to the audience but I suspect it does in some way. I think this is where live mixing really becomes something more than just hitting play on a sequence… because unexpected things happen. The more ways we can both be involved with the mixing and effecting of the sound – the better.

We need to get cell the mp3s we want her to work on. That way she can sit down by herself and build some songs… this is the best way for her to work. I was thinking perhaps we could give her the song you first sung for us on Friday and see what happens. GEM for me needs more work across the board – there’s something there, but not enough. As discussed we should go back to the drawing board for vocals and then build the sound around the song.

I have a thing on Thursday night with some friends from work… perhaps though – it’s mostly the vocals that need practicing – so you guys could still get together and go through stuff…?

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