listening in for static

i've been listening to and working on some of our recordings over the last few days (i've finally had a chance to get back to them!). in particular, i've been thinking about listening in for static. i've had a few goes at recording the vocals and i have to say that i'm not particularly happy with how they sound. it's right at the top of my range and it's fairly obvious at times that i'm quite struggling to do it. last night, i thought that - hey, we're looking for more vocal input from marcella, this is pretty much out of my range, it's too difficult to drop the pitch so i can do it, why not see if it suits marcella? it might be low for marcella, but i'm hoping it's ok as it really is right at the top for me. have a sing along and see what you think. the lyrics are in an earlier blog post if you need them. the type of song that it is could also mean that, if it does work for marcella's range, there is the potential for it to be one of those songs that she can let loose, a la heartland, dust etc.

saturday was great - the monstrous now are one of my favourite bands to listen to live. we sold a few cds - probably enough to just about cover the costs, so now we can start getting some money back for them. i'm looking forward to playing with them at powwow, even though we have pretty much nothing in common with them sonically!

how was cloud control? what did they do with the venue - did they open the upstairs section up?

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