vic on the park

are you two free and desirous of doing a gig and the vic on the park in newtown on saturday, november 10? it's with a band from melbourne called dandelion wine (http://www.myspace.com/aninexactscience). apparently they are friends with julian from bleepin' j squawkins and he recommended us to them when they told him they were after another band to play with them.

only issue we need to let them know fairly soon, so if you could let me know either way, that would be good. i'm keen.


david said...

We have an engagement party on that night. It's something we could wriggle out of - but i'm kinda keen to catch up with the guy.

Also sorry we never got back to you about midi in the city. Cell was keen to give it a miss i think - but between us, we've been quite indecisive!

ajebec said...

so i'll give them a 'no'?