using lite to lose weight

can you have a look here and tell me what you think of the le version? are the things missing a big deal for what we would actually be using it for - i.e. live performance? the main drawback i could possibly perceive is the limit to 2 external vst effects per project. we are currently running our setup using none, though, aren't we, so 2 is actually a vast improvement! there's a few other things which i don't actually know what they mean - eg rewire etc. could you look through and tell me if there's anything drastic missing from the le version that would warrant the extra $500 or whatever it is for the full version.

i also played around trying to finalise some of the tracks today. i've added a bit of subtle glockenspiel to the end part of tape noise - exactly fits your "some kind of high-ish freequency sound. something crisp and clean - to contrast the muddier sounds" description of what is needed. i quite like it and it adds a bit of melodic interest, which is what the remixers all tended to add that was missing from the original.

i think i've got a vocal recording of blending the edges that i'm happy with. and a possible final mix.

do you possibly have my kodwo eshun book - more brilliant than the sun? i can't find it anywhere and i'd like to possibly expand the quote we used for the sun sets... i'm thinking of reading a whole page or so from that section, getting andreas to do the same, then mix them into item number as subtle field recordings.


david said...

the one big problem with LE is the max 'scenes' per project. Scenes are the rows we use for loops - so 8 would be fit 2 songs max in one set... this would be a problem... unless you load up a new project for each song.

david said...

I have had no time to research but we should look into what we can get via upgrade from our licensed version of live 4. If one of us did buy an upgrade - we should be able to get it installed on both our computers.

ajebec said...

i've been trying to get into the site to find out the prices, but there's no published prices for upgrades anywhere unless you log in, and i don't have any of the log in info - you'll need to do that as you have it all.