item number on cdr

cdr sydney

i went to cdr sydney last night, which is the thing run by mark pritchard and lorna where artists take a track on cdr and they play them all, through a huge soundsystem, mostly so you can see how they're sounding. i took item number along. it was one of the last tracks they played, so it was fairly late and empty by then, but i got to hear it very very loud. it actually sounded quite good. as was always suspected, there was a little too much bottom end. but i've never actually heard telafonica through a good, loud system - the only time it's normally possible is when we're live at which time we're on stage so it doesn't sound at all the same. so it was great to hear our stuff standing up well next to the other things there. i've also added some textural stuff to it in the way of recordings of people reading extracts from kodwo eshun's more brilliant than the sun. i've effected those so you they are still intelligible but, as i said, work mostly as texture. i'm quite liking it. i also managed to track down kodwo eshun himself and got his approval to use the extracts - he was very friendly. though he did decline the offer to have his own voice reading the extracts as part of the track!

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