past and future

well, last night went fairly well, i thought. as ever, performing felt tentative, but there was enough there that i thought it can be worked on. having instruments doing things helped give more visual interest and, by all accounts, steve's film was a great hit. i particularly enjoyed the chorus of voices, and felt i personally that i was able to sing more confidently than i often do. it would be nice to know how the levels of the voices versus the level of the music was out front - we sent them out separately to front of house and i relied on victoria to mix them at the main desk. hopefully problems of the voices being too loud relative to the music were overcome in this way, but it would be good to hear from someone in the audience to know exactly. i would definitely like to see the film of it - steve? any thoughts from anyone else would be excellent.

i got a phone call this evening from trevor who hosts departure lounge radio on a saturday afternoon on 2ser. he has invited telafonica to take over the second half of the show next saturday (may 17). the show normally runs with him dj-ing for the first hour, then he has an invited guest do whatever it is they'd like to do - play some live stuff, dj, play music that has inspired them, whatever. so any suggestions of what to do will be welcome and we can work out what to do - if anyone wants to come in with me etc etc. it will be from 4-5pm.


ajebec said...

one idea for next saturday is to record a live set out in the studio during the week and take a cd of it in. maybe 30 minutes of live performance and then the rest of the time could be filled with spinning cds of inspiration/local friends/etc/etc. that way we could do a live set without the problemof worrying about the gear they have in the studio etc, and getting ourselves set up in a tiny space.

yes? no?

steve said...

sounds good to me - i think i'd favour 'live in the studio' over pre-recorded, but i agree with you that it saves worrying about gear and space.

i had a quick look at the video taken from last night. i think it worked out well. it was in a good position in the room so we're all visible (except blake in his black t-shirt!) and from my quick listen it sounds pretty decent. all we need to add is some canned applause and we have a live album!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I have scheduled for next Saturday is to take my temporary nose stud out (it's finally been 6 weeks), so I'd love to join in the fun if you'll have me.

I like the idea of a live album! (Oh, and does Bec have any Telafonica fishermen left over from Saturday night?)

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