david - i'm thinking that the old telafonica.com site is pretty much redundant. should we update the forwarding? there's two options that i can think of - one is to switch the kindpermission.com/telafonica stuff across to my server, the other is to update the redirection for telafonica.com over to kindpermission.com/telafonica. either is fine with me - what would be best at your end? the third option, of course, is the old idea of telafonica.com being a random, abstract art site which doesn't actually do anything in terms of giving info to anybody, but works as an ethereal kind of visual presence. any thoughts?


david said...

I've felt for a while that the old telafonica.com needs to be recycled. i like the idea of some kind of visual content going up there with the all the main content being served up by the blog. Perhaps for now we could just place single images on the .com site with a link to the blog - almost like a splash page.

It could be a good idea to move the blog to your hosting if you have the space. I might be a little light on for space on the kindpermission server - though I need to check.

ajebec said...

ok. well, let's do it. how do i import the margin stuff onto my server?

and the splash page is definitely good - i just need to get the content across to the blog, which i started doing but then got sidetracked. but that doesn't have to happen before before we go ahead - feel free to upload anything you like as telafonica.com. do you have the ftp login details to be able to do it, or do you want to send the page to me and i upload it? whatever is fine with me.