warehouses and churches

i rang the folks at the hutch - the warehouse we played at a few weeks ago - last thursday. we had organised the week before that i'd go in and meet them all and talk about organising some shows there. so i rang just to check the meeting was still on, and the girl said that, unfortunately, they'd had some trouble with the council and they wouldn't be putting things on for a while. so that door has closed. the warehouse scene is aesthetically great but like chasing bubbles - they come and go so quickly it's mostly just by accident that you get to do anything in one.

however, one of the shows i was hoping to set up there has been organised at another venue. all india radio are coming up from melbourne at the end of september. all india radio are one of the bands that remixed tape noise for the punches or the lies. they've got a night at our new stomping ground - the excelsior. so they've asked us to play, they will also be on the bill. the third act will be martin - the lead guy from all india radio, doing a set with steve kilbey. now, the name steve kilbey may not mean too much to you young folk, but to an old man like me, steve kilbey is australian indi music royalty. he was (and still is, as far as i am aware) the lead singer of the church, one of australia's most well known bands internationally during the 80s and into the 90s. i'm definitely excited to be on a bill with him. so that's happening on thursday, september 25. blake, i think you will need to be there.

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