democratise the internet my arse - only if democracy directly = capitalism!

so i just spent a heap of time transferring things across to a wordpress blog, then tried to upload music, only to find that, in order to upload music, you have to buy a bonus feature which gives you extra storage space and the ability to upload mp3s directly. costs 5 cents a day.

and to change anything in the css, you have to pay for an upgrade on that as well. an extra 4 cents a day.

i'm liking blogger more and more. i've been thinking we should maybe just use the virb site as a repository of mp3s in progress - it rarely gets viewed and doesn't receive a whole lot of attention from within the band, so, though it's public, it's secluded enough, especially if we take reference to it on this blog and myspace away, that only the real diehard might come across things (and is it such a problem to air those things publicly anyway?).

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Blake said...

Virb!! ill be a part of that!