the bald face stag

It would appear that the stag is much less feisty a creature than the fox. Last night was not the romp we had at the Sly Fox, it must be said, but it definitely was, as Eliza says "a whole fat sushi roll of fun". To eat together, to travel together (Telafonica is committed to eco-friendliness - at least until other members get their license and a functioning vehicle of their own), to laugh together and to perform together would be joy in itself, of course. But on top of all this, we got to welcome fabulous artists Tim Englebrecht and Johan Neeve into the growing honey hive that is Telafonica. And on top of this, we got to bathe in the powerful and beautiful music of Underlapper in a set that ended way too soon. And on top of this, we got to experience the fascination and musical mastery of The Parades. I personally have learned four things from last night's experience. One: Drummers who play standing up are a wonderful sight to behold. Two: I really like the art of Johan Neeve. Three: Tim Engelbrecht is a really lovely person, even with a hairless stomach. Four: Do not offer Johan dark chocolate. Make sure it's milk.

Set List
1. Manifesto
2. But I Lose Myself
3. Smells Like Rain
4. Separation
5. Nothing Ventured
6. This is the New Thing
7. Your Hands
8. An Invitation

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