laptop djs

blake - i'm officially the in between bands dj at the next wreckovery (the sunday thing we played at the excelsior) on sunday jan 11. i was thinking it might be a good outlet to play around with trying out some live laptop jamming - mixing half made stuff with the kind of live ambient recording you were talking about a few weeks back. we would just rock up with two laptops and a mixer and play away. would you be interested?


Blake said...

ooooh yeh!!
details details!! wreckovery?

could we get together for a bit beforehand to get used to everything functioning that way? well- for my sake more so.

Blake said...

oh. wreckovery. i just read all the words in the blog.
so do we use the stage? how long are our slots?

ajebec said...

no, we'd be set up just in front of the main mixing desk, just playing for 15/20 minutes at a time between each live band as they set up.