cinnamon sugar demo

so here's an updated cinnamon sugar, as promised. a run down on the changes
- snare is changed significantly
- volcanoes smoothed out a bit and given space away from the vocals in the stereo spectrum, as well as lowered in volume during singing
- piano much cleaner and more sharply eq.ed
- kick reduced in volume and tightened in decay length
i think that's about it.


Eliza said...

Sounds great. I think if we eventually ever do this one live, I'd like everyone to be singing on the quieter bits, the 'if love...' bits. I think, anyway.

If this song becomes super-duper mainstream pop famous we'll have some Coldplay/Satriani-esque lawsuits on our hands. One of the lyrics lines is straight out of an Adrian Plass poem.

Still haven't thought of a title. I'm open to suggestions...

Blake said...

Can I play eliza's piano part on my guitar?
And she can play the chords that I made on the keyboard?
Just an idea...
Or maybe bec could play the chords on melodica...

adrian-The cornet idea is appealing...

I want to talk to you about the stabby things. In some parts I like them...
When they serve a atmospheric purpose... Otherwise... I am struggling with

The kick and snare sounds are great.
I am not quite so attracted to the bitcrushed piano.. I want to try it on

eliza! i like the vocal chorus idea...

send me the lyrics.