we've been pointed in the direction of a new grant that the australia council has. it's called soundclash. we've been toying around with ideas of what we might be able to do to present to them in an application. having a set project/s in mind, i think, will probably be important for the proposal process (so i've been told...). blake has got an idea for a specific music making thing which he's putting together. i've also been thinking, especially on reading through the requirements (http://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/grants/grants/soundclash_-_music) that something which is kind of forward thinking in its use of technologies might be a good thing as well, something to set us apart from asking for money for the traditional things. i think that is very much in the spirit of this particular grant.

i've been thinking that something to do with emerging technologies, particularly in terms of distribution models for recordings, would be a good thing to get thinking about. what is the concept of an 'album' in the state of play at the moment, for example? i'm wondering if dave, steve or dave maybe had some insight into ideas they'd like to explore, which we could put into the context of a telafonica project? something that really blurs the lines between music and design/art/film distribution etc? i think we've already got the type of music that fits the parameters they've established quite well - are there any ideas to really take it to new places, though?

we've got until april 20 to get a fully formed proposal together.


david said...

I am now officially a grant writing/assessing guru as it's a big part of my job, make sure you send it to me for the thorough government makeover it will need to get through.

david said...

Oops I thought I was logged on as me, not David whoops, it's Cell, not David.