Ween Keen March 7

Well, I don't know if we're any more "Ween Keen" than we were yesterday but Telafonica had a lot of fun playing "So Many People in the Neighbourhood" and "Voodoo Lady" at the Gaelic Theatre in the wee-est hours of this morning. We trekked on in with the added pleasure of having Cherry along (who has now mastered the art of opening a bottle of Chinotto with her car keys only to be disappointed by the taste) at 11 pm. All the Mardi Gras crowd was exiting the city and Telafonica stepped into the void. It was a small Ween Keen crowd and it was the end of a marathon and we totally did not fit the rock heavy bill of all the other bands. However, DJ Halloween said that we were the best dressed band - Adrian in his Jackson Pollock suit, Ellie in her red dress and viking hat, me in my fairy costume and wings and Blake in his lovely blue cricket cap. We had a lot of fun - I have to say that I am exceedingly proud of Adrian's very excellent reconstructions of the songs - especially "So Many People in the Neighbourhood" which was a jumble of exceedingly famous samples from The Carpenters to the Beatles and others of which I am utterly ignorant. It was a real pleasure to meet Layne, the organiser. Thank you for our souvenir dog tags! Oh and thank you to the dude who played spoons with us on VooDoo Lady.
Am becoming increasingly aware in various audiences that increase in alcohol consumption does not equal wit or even stamina to party.

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Blake said...

haha.. nice one bec.