Autumn song for Blake

Hey Brother Blake!

Here is my first attempt. Feedback/alterations are welcome.

It is long since
My memories of
Love, birth and death
Were carefully wrapped
In flame coloured leaves

When the sunlight
Turns gold
And zephyr
Winds cold
My heart lights a fire
I curl up
And open the packages


Blake said...

bec! i love it...
i have got some acoustic guitar chords, a slow tempo and a droney melody
i hope these are to your liking :)

Annelise Holwerda said...

Hello :) I am just popping in to say I rather like this. I know the kind of day you are talking about. I especially like the structure that holds the vividness; it's beautifully small and and statement-like, as it should be when reflecting something that's a bit simply beautiful and a bit pensive, sort of expressive but sort of secret and even wordless. It's pretty.

Eliza said...

Mmm, it's absolutely lovely, Bec. I'm very excited to hear Blake's music, because it's very satisfying as is.

Eliza said...

Oh -- and I know this is unrelated -- but every time I hear the word zephyr I think of Anne Shirley.