sunday wreckovery


Blake said...

that's the day before jenna's birthday
i would like to do it; the dj-ing

Eliza said...

What time would you guys be on? I'd like to come and watch.

ajebec said...

i was wondering if anyone wanted to come with me. i've decided that, in the context of sunday wreckoveries, i'm much more comfortable just playing as a dj off the laptop, rather than trying to make music while nobody is actually paying attention and which doesn't necessarily fit in with bands playing live, so i've asked ant to bill us as djs rather than the previously used telafonica sound system.

do you want to go track for track, blake, or set for set?

do you want to actually come, eliza? i can show you how to dj on the laptop.

Blake said...

so no telafonica, on-the-go song contructing?
just straight dj-ing?

if its just straight dj-ing i'll let you do it by yourself... saves the hassle if it just pressing play and stop

Eliza said...

I meant more to come and watch, not so much DJing. I'm trying to imagine what I would look like doing that, and... well, I can't.