time to move the nest

here's the results of wednesday and thursday's work on time to move the nest - it's gone from a sketch into a song fairly well, i think. after playing around with a bunch of different synth sounds i think a fairly straight piano suits best for what eliza is playing, though this is a synthesised piano here, it would be best to record a real piano doing it, and the whole thing in real time, instead of patched together as it is here.

i'm imagining some glockenspeil to double the piano part in the second verse, and also more voices over the ending. (what do coldplay NOT do - we need some of that). the toy piano just didn't sound right, so it's not there at the moment (except for the ending).

the intro room noises are a part of what is there at the moment - i would imagine we'd change the length of it to suit wherever it sits with other songs, though i'm liking the idea of letting it play out for a fair while, building a subliminal rhythm, before the actual song starts.

any other suggestions/ideas?

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