art on the second stair

i've been looking through your parc-log, david, and wondering if we could use something like some of the things you've got up there in the artwork for the new album? or even some of those actual images if they have no other home? i've been thinking that the music would work well with something psychedelic (in the vein of, say animal collective, stuff on the notnotfun label etc), but i don't really like the idea of this being particularly retro. looking through the parc- images, i think some of them could be exactly what fits the sound of the music. i'm particularly thinking of the 'there is a castle on a cloud...', 'snow globe' and 'icarus' images. all have that quality of haziness that i think this bunch of music has, but are also not retro and, in particular, are consistent with artwork from previous telafonica releases. could this be something we can pursue?

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