thursdays, saturdays and sundays.

so we're booked in to play august 20 at the hollywood hotel in surry hills. we're on at 9:20 for 40 mins. and also, to confirm for your diaries, we are doing radio social at the world bar on sunday, september 20.

i've also made a tentative booking at mars hill for saturday, nov 14, in order to launch the new album. is everyone free for that and happy to play? any suggestions for support bands? lessons in time? or someone outside who can bring extra audience members?

and on that note, it also means we need to have an album ready ion the night. i would ideally love to have it ready about 3 weeks beforehand so we can send out promos to radio and media. david - is that a realistic timeframe in which to get the artwork together? i would imagine, say, october 23rd-ish.


Blake said...

how many support acts were you thinking of having?
we could ask... we say bamboulee, seekae, ghoul?

ajebec said...

all three?!!

i was thinking just one. but, of course, i'd love any of those. do you reckon they'd be happy to support us!! the other problem may be that people wouldn't necessarily go to parramatta to see them. that probably doesn't apply to we say bamboulee as much, though - from experience, blue mountains bands can get a few people along to parramatta more easily.

Blake said...

uh, no
i didn't mean all three
but any one of them would be cool to have playing with us
hmm, parramatta... you have a point