artwork just in

i just received these files from david - his e-mail comments attached (click on each image to see a larger version). the more feedback, the better...

>Here's where I'm up to with the artwork.
Cover, poster 2 sides and a back cover (this is the roughest of them at this stage)

I'm not totally set on the best image for the top of poster side B. Could be nice to bring in some further photography. Could also think about some further imagery on Side A- I'm pondering that as we speak.

Also not set on the use of blue - but I do like the moodiness of it. You may prefer orange :) Would it cost more to have a variety?

On the subject of colour - I thought it might be nice to do the telafonica logo stamp in some coloured ink if you have some.

Did you talk about the files with them at all? Are you taking files or printouts? I wasn't sure if I should provide separate artwork files for each colour or not... Are you printing on A3 paper? Or trimming down from larger sheets. At this stage the posted design does not include any bleed off the edge of the paper.

Not totally sure how the overprint will go between the two colours as well...

anyhoo - let me know your thoughts.


ajebec said...

to answer some of your questions...

i don't know which i personally prefer between the photo and graphics for the poster at the moment - i'll get back to you. however, if we do end up using the photo, we'll need to add the credit - photography by samantha nagle.

i do like the blue. however, there are some limitations on the colouring. if you go to http://www.rizzeria.com/print-specifications/ they have the list of available colours. perhaps the teal? but anyway, you can even just select each of those colours and try them out to see which you like best. there is also an extensive description there of file formats needed, bleed etc etc etc.

a coloured telafonica stamp is no problem at all - pick a colour, we have lots.

i think they will be printed directly onto a3 paper, not trimmed down from larger pieces.

ajebec said...

oh, and the question about costing more for variety - do you mean doing some in one colour and some in another (as opposed to more than one colour on each)? from what i can gather, the most it would cost would be an extra $4.50 for another master, but i don't know if they'd need another master if it's the same image, so it may not cost anything. not sure on that, but if you'd like it, do it, i'm sure we can cover $4.50!

ajebec said...

don't speak for me is listed twice on the lyric side of the poster.

in cover, the line 'i would do it again' needs to be removed from the second part.

Eliza said...

Can't we have both? Graphic and our faces? That's too hard a decision.

I think the layout looks really super at the moment, to add my two cents' worth. Actually, it's more like twenty five cents nowadays.

I love all the shapes you've used - the recurring inverted crown thing is great. And I thoroughly approve of the font, esp. the way it looks on the cover. Bravo.

ajebec said...

that's interseting - i never saw the crown until you mentioned it! i saw picket fences, bread bag clips, skateboard decks and abstract stairs!

bec mentioned waves and water drops from memory.