the loft bar, october 30, 2009

I was dubious, but then I'm always dubious. I am not a fan of Halloween and neither, really, is Telafonica. I thought Adrian was just being easy and saying "yes" to the gig because he has a never-say-no policy. Two things you can always count on in Telafonica - I am always dubious and Adrian always knows better. For real. No cyncism attached.

The venue was lovely, the stage was just the right size, the people were great - both the organisers and the audience. Fantastic even! Subsketch and Deadbeats were amazing to watch. Ellie's immediate response to their very articulate flow of speech was, "And WE have trouble remembering OUR words!"
We played our songs straight off our upcoming album "Love on the Second Stair" and it was well received. I felt that our playing was very relaxed and natural. It's the first gig where I personally didn't feel like it was hard work. It was really fun!
Some exciting features of the evening: Plan 9 From Outer Space was projected to the side of the stage while we played; Telafonica got to try out some of our own facial art design; our newly acquired and very jaunty sailor hats got an airing and provoked a pleasing giggle; we played Blake's very heavenly "Time to Move the Nest" which started with a hush and ended with a roar; it was nice to meet Tim the barman who loved the typewriter in Belafonte so much that he took a photo and sent it to his friend; we discovered on the way home the simple pleasure of guessing when the toll booth would beep (another reason I love my Telafonifriends so much).

Unbearable disappointment of the evening - LaZiko's was packed so we had to pass up on our usual joy-filled ispinakli and dolmades!
I can't tell you how excited we all are about playing at Mars Hill, November 14! After playing the rest of our gigs in and around the Sydney CBD, it's going to be like having everyone over to our place. And North Parramatta is a lovely place to spend the evening celebrating Telafonica's tenth birthday!

Anyway, here's the set list for the loft bar gig:

I Can't Make You Love Me
Smells Like Rain
But I Lose Myself
The Quest for Love Aboard the Belafonte
Time to Move the Nest
Don't Speak for Me
The Separation...


Blake said...

i love reading your commentaries, rebecca

Bec said...

You are my target audience Blake.