love on the second stair liner notes

here are all the lyrics for the album, plus track listing, credits etc. i feel like i've left stuff out in the credits department, but can't think of anything specific. does anyone wish to have anything else included? i've included a thanks to cabinet pin and the 20th project since it's been fairly pivotal - is there anything else we should credit? David, I'm not sure how you want to credit yourself in the artwork - whether by your own name, kind permission, parc, telafonica, whatever...feel free to use whichever you would prefer - i've left it blank at the moment.

4-4-2 Music
Love On The Second Stair

1. I Can't Make You Love Me
2. Smells Like Rain
3. But I Lose Myself
4. The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte
5. Æowyn And The Absolute Truth
6. Cover
7. Time To Move The Nest
8. Don't Speak For Me
9. The Separation Prepared This For Another Marriage

All songs written, performed and produced by Telafonica

Castañelas on I Can't Make You Love Me and Don't Speak For Me by Vanessa Caratala Pastor

Artwork by .........

Special thanks to Jeff at Cabinet Pin Records and the 20th Project - many of these tracks started life on the 20th of one month or other.


I Can't Make You Love Me

I can't make you love me but I can show you how I feel
I can't make you want me but I can listen to you
I can't make you tell me but I can stumble in your pain

I can't make you show me but I can see it anyway
I can't make it plainer but you can still run away
I can't make you answer but I can keep on asking why

In the quietness of your heart

I can't make you notice but I can do all things for you
I can't turn the darkness off but I can light up all the truth
I can't wait forever but I can give you enough time

I can't do any more for you than give myself away
And you can realise all this and still you turn away
And with everything that I do it's ultimately your say

But/Because I can't make you love me

Smells Like Rain

And it smells like rain and kingdoms fall
And Spring has come and there are sounds of war
And dust will rise and a man will crawl
Just to deny he has a soul

Look into the beauty of rust as it recovers the steel
The grass through the cracks in the pavement
Look into the storm clouds coming in grey and in green
And tell me that you're still in control

Because I don't want to live my life in shadow and in ignorance
You cannot convince me, just look into the detail
The light is there when we begin, shows the beauty in everything
And Reason has its limits, just look into the details

But I Lose Myself

Hello! Hello! Can you hear my soul?
I’ve had enough of my reflection, can you make me whole?
You know I’ve seen so many cracks
Maybe I’ve done too many things to ever go back

I heard a sound, a steaming train
And I feel I’ll never ride that beat again.
Ah mercy me while I’m in this hell
I can save up for a rainy day but I lose myself

I liked the way that he said my name
If I knew then what I know now I’d prob’ly do the same
Hello! Hello! Can you find my heart?
Can you reconnect all the pieces that I’ve ripped apart?

It all tasted good and I felt so sure
That the stuff that I had done was never done before
Ah mercy me while I’m in this hell
I can save up for a rainy day but I lose myself

The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte

Once I sailed ‘cross the sea
Love was waiting for me
Then my ship ran aground
(Hadn’t left the harbour)
Found a far safer boat
Braved the sea once again
Stormy weather prevailed
Found it tricky to float

If love is waiting across the sea
There’s no hope for me

Once I sailed ‘round the world
Cairo, Paris and Rome
Saw all the sights I could see
‘Til I ran out of money
Met a tall, foreign man
Very good at talking
Found a job, feeling good
(He took all my money)

If love is found in a love affair
Love’s not anywhere
If love’s not down at the market square
It’s not anywhere

If love’s not down at the market square
It’s not anywhere
If love’s not there on the second stair
It’s not anywhere
If love’s not part of the wear and tear
It’s not anywhere
If love is chasing me everywhere

Æowyn And The Absolute Truth

You push play
And the truth spills out of your room
'Til it fills up our house
And it fills up our hearts
All the holes disappear
And you dance

All of the sounds
Tiptoe and sway
'Til they’re waltzing about
And they’re carried
And the hope that was hidden
Soon comes out to play
And you dance

Outside is darkness
Inside is light
Nothing is lost
There are no tears tonight
Truth shakes the floorboards
Love pumps through the pipes
Joy rushes in sound waves
Around us

Your voice in the midst
Is colour and warmth
It calls out my heart
And it calls out my voice
It calls to me always
“Come and dance”
And you dance


The end of all things is near
Come here my friend, come over here
This love is deep enough to cover
All your slings and arrows

The blow comes swift
It takes my breath
But I’d do it again

The road goes back
Through winding ways
I would go there again

The view from here
Is a fiery red
And the thoughts that force themselves
Into my head
Are of lingering doubt
And a nagging dread
But I will go
I will go there with you

Time To Move The Nest

The eagle sees fit to move the nest away
In this understanding, I am tackled by the well wishes of those who would no longer be the ones to continue those well wishes

Winds and rains guide the flight
They sustain the contentment realised in commanded movement

I am assured that this is the good way

Don't Speak For Me

Wrong time, wrong place
Wrong god, wrong head space
Don’t speak for me

Two souls in one suit
Don’t fit won’t sell
I have one heart
Don’t speak for me

All roads do not lead home
All roads do not lead home
The truth is not unknown
All roads do not lead home

The Separation Prepared This For Another Marriage

I am the hold, I am the hem
I will unleash when I want to
You scale me down or simplify
I’ll still take on the punches for you

I take the best of all I am
I hang it out like a banner to dry
You tear it down, a parting shot
Your dog will sleep in it tonight

Love, I cannot make
You love and I cannot make

I see your face, I see the lines
The rise and fall of each lungful of air
Remember when I said, ‘Anything. Any way at all.’

Love, I cannot make
You love and I cannot make
You love and I will not make
You love me


Blake said...

i am assured that this is the good way*

(time to move the nest)

ajebec said...


Annelise Holwerda said...

In 'I Can't Make You Love Me', probably 'anymore' is two words.

I like them.

ajebec said...

you are ever vigilant, annelise. what would we do without you?

Annelise Holwerda said...

Make songs, and dance to them all the day long.

Annelise Holwerda said...
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Eliza said...

In Cover, does Bec repeat 'I would do it again'?

I love how fussy we're being. It annoys me to no end when CDs have multiple lyrical/grammatical mistakes. I'm listening to Belle and Sebastian at the moment, and they are very wordy, but all their lyrics are mixed up and they have no idea where to put capital letters or apostrophes.

ajebec said...

you are correct. the following verse also had the last line repeated in the original lyric and i got rid of that, but didn't pick it on the first one.

fixed now.

you getting all these changes, david???