the north wind

blake, have you done anything with the christmas song that bec wants us to do? i have a nice rhythm track that i quite like, but can't work out anything nice and atmospheric for the music. do you have a chord structure at all? i've got it happening in g at the moment. i quite like the melody, and since there's only 2 verses, i'm not completely convinced we need to change the melody, but a darker chord structure underneath would probably do the trick. the rhythm i have is a lot slower than any recording of it i've heard before.

david, would you be interested in recycling your old christmas desktop images? i had a thought that it might be nice to put your old christmas desktops as bonus things on our christmas giveaway cds this year. or new ones.


Blake said...

no i have not; i have not even given parades their remix yet!
how about i record some ambient guitar next time i'm at your's?

ajebec said...

yeah, great. doesn't help me much now though, does it!!?? i thought you said you had something all worked out..

Blake said...

you're hearing things, evidently

Eliza said...

Your annoyance at Blake's silliness is always amusing, Adrian.