re: love on the second stair

in one of the final sections of 'aeowyn and the absolute truth,' there is a vocal take that sounds a little out (but besides that, the track sounds great with all the new vocals, which i hadn't previously heard)

i am not convinced by every note in the 'i can't make you love me' guitar riff. maybe you can do some chopping to make it sound less straight? unless you like it as it is... (i am really liking the whole song though. it works great as an intro i think.)

i really like the flow of the tracks. our chorus vocals sound quite good i think.

i have listened through the album, up to 'cover'


now i've finished the listen
i don't really have any more suggestions at the moment


ajebec said...
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ajebec said...

on æowyn and the absolute truth, that odd harmony comes because there's two melodies going up and down in harmony (while a third stays flat on the tonic the whole time). the issue was that i sung one of them the wrong way around, taking the last note up when it should go down and vice versa. when i did it i was immediately going to rerecord it, but then listened to it and thought that it had a nice tension to it. the notes aren't actually sung out of tune (a big call when its my voice involved!) but i've listened through to each one closely by itself and they're in tune, it's just that one is doing the wrong tune. i quite like the tension it makes - it sounds björk-ish to me. i can easily rerecord it if the general consensus is that it doesn't work, though. what do others think?

as to the riff - yeah, i think it needs to be big and dumb - just because everything else in the track is made of little pieces of sloppy rhythms, phase shifting synths and random noise blurts. along with the drum sample that comes in in the same spot, it's like the big bang that pulls all the disjointed sounds together.