steve came over for dinner last night before heading back to london today. so we thought we'd get something useful for telafonica out of his ever expanding and otherwise unused bank of great ideas. he had an idea for a film clip which involves filming someone setting up a drum kit for the duration of the clip. we nutted it out a bit and ended with the idea that we'd make it for 'i can't make you love me'. we get isaac ledley to star in the clip, which would involve starting out seeing a drumkit in pieces in shot, then it gets set up by isaac over the duration of the song. as the song reaches its climax he sets down, prepares mentally, then hits his drums once on the last beat of the song. over the course of the 3 and a half minutes, at one point he will be talked to by someone off camera and look over toward them, and at another point, someone will cross the screen unrolling a cable. that's pretty much it. all in one take (my favourite type of video).

we even did a storyboard to see how to frame it, which you can see. the timeline of events is across the top. as usual, click on the image to see a larger version.


tim_the_tam said...

it reminds me of the cadbury drumming gorilla ad. haha..

will this be the first ever telafonica video?

ajebec said...

yep. our current youtube presence = 0.

ajebec said...

and what's with stealing my identity for your avatar?

tim_the_tam said...

i am the real Adrian Elmer!!!!! i found my pic deep on the desktop of my white apple laptop when i was giving my art students managing rights for the thickness of white blog that hasn't been updated for months!!!!

haha.. yeah i've been meaning to change my pic. i'll do it later..

hey btw have you checked out sams blog and my blog?