the 5th live member is sick.

i'm going to take my laptop in tomorrow to get a bunch of stuff on it fixed - my dvd drive is pretty much useless after the countless hundreds of cd-rs it's burned over the last 2 years! plus, the mic input thing is a bit dodgy at the moment, so it needs replacing. but mostly, it won't go to sleep when you close it and when you shut down, after completely powering down it boots back up automatically after about 5 seconds - the only way around that at the moment is to unplug the power supply then eject the battery during that 5 second window. after that, you can put the battery back in and it's fine. but it's very tiresome and annoying. luckily, all the problems are hardware based - the software side is all still working perfectly, so i'm hoping it shouldn't be too big a deal to fix it.

that does mean, however, that we can't do any recording on my laptop. so, blake, don't worry about bringing the files over on a usb drive - it would probably be best just to put all the bits as audio onto a cd-r to just be listened to. then, if any brilliant ideas come around, you can always bring your laptop over and we can work on it.

i'll stick the two november 20th tracks we did up later today. i think i might actually start sticking them up as they're done rather than waiting the month and a half or whatever until the discs come back. so i might stick the december one bec and i did up at toowoon bay up as well.

any big ideas for the next release? we have quite a large backlog of things that we probably need to start polishing - should i make up some discs of all the bits to hand around?


tim_the_tam said...

oh no! not the mac!

Blake said...

make some discs! i am interested to hear your playlist ideas.

i should burn a disc of ideas as well.

Eliza said...

So how's the sick?

ajebec said...

to cut a long story short, i still have the computer here. it's going to take about 2 weeks for them just to diagnose the problem (that's the waiting list time at the service centre) then they'll get to working on it after that. so we're working on a way around being without ableton live for that long, then it will go in.