The Lansdowne Hotel, March 21, 2010

I have to say that last night's gig at the Lansdowne was my favourite one yet in all areas except that Ellie wasn't there.
First and always foremost was the very good park that King-of-Parking Adrian was able to find. It was the easiest load in yet.
Second was that we got to play with a whole bunch of good friends. For me it was the first time I have ever seen Rattlesnakes and Romance, We are Volcanoes and Sounds Like Sunset. All very fine bands, so a very nice evening on that score. For me personally, my favourite was We Are Volcanoes. Tim Engelbrecht radiates energy and is entertaining in the extreme. He has a voice like Robert Smith and moves like David Byrne and plays the guitar with as much effort as blinking.
When Telafonica played it felt really good in all directions. I think we played well and felt relaxed and had fun, even with the sweat dripping from Adrian and Blake and making their guitars soap-slippery!
We met a few really nice people who appreciated our sound - very encouraging! Two of the most delightful of these were Joe and Carly Hardy. Joe introduced himself in a very humble way and then when Blake and I realised that he was Joe Blog, there was a very big "Oh! You're Joe Blog!" moment. It was lovely to meet them and we are really excited to be playing in their very rock'n'roll backyard on May 20.
Last but in no way least was our "reunion" with "Stu" the sound guy we grew to know and love at the Excelsior! He is the nicest guy and his work is so clear that it makes it much easier to do our best performance!
It was a very easy and friendly night and I personally quite enjoyed watching the traffic go by out the wide open doors of the Lansdowne Hotel as we sang "I can hear there's a peace in the dark..."

Set List

The Tail End of Winter
Smells Like Rain
Your Hands
The Unravelling Man
This is the New Thing
I Can Hear There's a Peace in the Dark
I Can't Make You Love Me


ajebec said...

without a doubt, stu is the best sound guy i've ever experienced (closely followed by brett, stu's right hand man when they both used to do the excelsior) - not only does everything always sound right, he actually plays the mixing desk along with the bands he's mixing (fx etc), is constantly prowling the room to make sure everything sounds good from every vantage point and, most of all, is never fazed by anything, just gets along and does it with friendliness and graciousness. wish they were all like him.

cherry said...

:( I missed a gig! didn't even realise it was coming up. sounds like you guys had fun:) I still wanna tag along next time, even though Ellie can't go.. so let me know!

Bec said...

Wow! Sorry Cherry! So it's not just 'cause you're friends with Ellie! That's a huge compliment! We will most definitely welcome you into the Spacia every time!

Blake said...


Eliza said...

Yay! Sounds like a great night.

And Cherry actually likes Telafonica! Well, I think we knew before, but now it's definitely true. I think Cherry you deserve the title of 'Telafonica's Original Fan/Groupie' - Telafonica in its new form, that is.