one more thing on the a.mp. before letting it go...

there's quite an interesting article over here on the judgement for the winner of the australian music prize

however, what amazes me has nothing much to do with the issues raised by the article. it's actually some of the numbers and how they apply to telafonica. firstly, there were 234 albums entered this year. of that, there were 30 that made it to the 'long list'. that has pretty much blown my mind. i had imagined the long list had like 90 or 100 albums on it, just a list to cull the really bad stuff, but still keeping it wide open. we got into the final 30! that is just bizarre. the process is outlined in the article and it's reasonably rigorous.

time to make a new album!

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Marcus Whale said...

Honestly, I'm not surprised. I really, really like this album - it's just beautifully put together, beautifully written.