a new label etc

hopefully, i can get the belafonte video clip finished these holidays and then we can get it out then get out the free download single for i can;t make you love me. i've been thinking it best to hold that back until we get the video together just so things don't jump all over the place too much.

i've also been talking to marcus whale, who you may have noticed popping up commenting on the website a little over the last few weeks. he runs a 3" cd-r label called curt. you may have remembered the very electronic things i started in january when i didn't have my laptop and bec just got hers, but we didn't have an external soundcard so couldn't record acoustic noises, so i made electronic stuff for a few weeks. well, marcus has said he'd like to release it on curt, which i think would be a good way to get exposure to some slightly different people. so we're aiming for either late june or sometime in august. i've sent the files to marcella, who was keen to abstract some singing on some of them, but would also be keen to get more input in terms of our other usual esoteric array of instruments, so have a listen and see what it inspires.




Marcella said...

I am working on this! Give me a deadline, Mx

ajebec said...

what if we said mid june? that would give a couple of weeks to fit your recordings back into the master tracks, then a few weeks to get everything together for the physical release.

the weekend of june 12/13?