october 20, 2010 - sister zephyr

we missed the 20th last month due to all the stuff happening with louise. which turned into subject matter for bec for this much, without wishing to be too prescriptive and confining the lyrics to one specific interpretation. musically, it sits somewhere between the twin peaks of underworld and lcd soundsystem. bec also pointed out a vague melodic rip from the flaming lips. there's still plenty of space for room to grow. band.

needless to say it sounds best when played immersively loud. with good bottom end.

Sister Zephyr

She has forgotten herself

This is the time to cry
When the darkness is at the window
When the breathing is slow
And the time hovers over your head

This is the time to cry
When your heart has slipped down to the floor
When the sleeping is over
And you know you can't stay in your bed

This is the time to weep
When the morning moves past you
When light cannot touch you
And the words that you hear don't make sense

This is the time to weep
When the darkness comes back through your door
When the striving is over
And you know you must sleep once again

She has forgotten herself

She holds His eyes and His heart
He still remembers her name


JNTJ said...

Great song Bec.

Loved it.


Anonymous said...

I love how Telafonica's music is just all over the place and each new track is nothing like the last. :)

Bec said...


ajebec said...

haha! you should try working out how to make cohesive albums out of all these bits!