sinead o'connor

so i've been working through lots of these ideas for musical places to go that we discussed a few weeks ago. i greatly like the idea of really (like, really because, well we already do a lot anyway, so we'd need to 'really' do it to make it any different!) pushing the mix of electronics and organic. another thing i've been trying to follow is using very random sound generation techniques (the ipad i was given at school has opened up lots of really great possibilities in that regard). and the other thing i've been following is a real minimalism, which goes very contrary to what i normally do, which is pile sound upon sound upon sound. so some of those things you can hear in the remix of karoshi's 'walking in fields' (which i really need to post here - maybe tomorrow) that's just come out.

anyway, today i cam across this track from sinead o'connor. she's been in and out of my consciousness for over 20 years now, and i know marcella has used her as a big inspiration at times in the past. so, i've heard this track in passing before, but today heard it through my stereo with booming bass for the first time, and it feels like a really tangible path to follow. minimal, groove-based and with the voice really holding the whole thing. the fiddle is nice, though i probably wouldn't go for that sound myself, but as an idea of acoustic over electronics, it's good.

for full impact (actually, the only way to impact, really, there's not much to it without bottom end) you need to hear it with some solid bass...

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Bright Precious said...

Just realised you had a blog, Adrian. This song has been in and out of my consciousness for 20 years too. - Deb G